15 beloved Street Art Photos - April 2013

This is some of the most beloved photos on our Facebook Page April 2013!
Click on a photo to see it bigger.


By Dome in Karlsruhe, Germany
On Facebook. By Dome in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Street Art by L7m 1
On Facebook. By L7m. I think most of them are from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Street Art by L7m 11
On Facebook. By L7m. I think most of them are from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Street Art in Hamm, Germany
On Facebook. In Hamm, Germany. Thanks to Laika Artworks for the photo!

Street Art by 0331C
On Facebook. By 0331C.

By DALeast in London, UK 1
By DALeast in London, England. Photos from StreetArtNews. More: DALeast – A Collection.

By Swen Schmitz in Ivars d'Urgell, a small village in Catalonia, Spain 1
On Facebook. By Swen Schmitz in Ivars d’Urgell, a small village in Catalonia, Spain.

By Levalet in Paris, France
On Facebook. By Levalet in Paris, France.

By Wes21 in Biel, Switerland
On Facebook. By Wes21 in Biel, Switerland. Thanks to The Street Art Curator for sending the photo.

Street Art by ROA at Los Muros Hablan in San Juan, Puerto Rico 1
On Facebook. By ROA at Los Muros Hablan in San Juan, Puerto Rico. More by ROA.

Vertical Garden. By Patrick Blanc in Madrid, Spain
On Facebook. Vertical Garden. By Patrick Blanc in Madrid, Spain.

Street Art by Rogue-one in Glasgow, Scotland
On Facebook. By Rogue-one: ”can’t believe i painted a wall to look like a brick wall just because i wanted a brick wall, lol.”

Street Art by Ernest Zacharevic in tribute to Pasha P183
On Facebook. By Ernest Zacharevic in Tribute to P183. R.I.P Pavel.
In Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

Street Art DMS in Catanzaro, Italy
By DMS in Catanzaro, Italy.

Street Art in Vilnius, Lithuania
On Facebook. By Ernest Zacharevic. In Vilnius, Lithuania. Photo by Edgaras Buiko.
Thanks to Tioma Waxman for sending the photo!


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