A painting removed led to color steps all over Turkey

Street Art Color Steps in Turkey 1
On Facebook.

Street Art Color Steps in Turkey 4
On Facebook.

Street Art Color Steps in Turkey 2

Street Art Color Steps in Turkey 3

Street Art Color Steps in Turkey 5

Street Art Color Steps in Turkey 6

Street Art Color Steps in Turkey 9

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“Locals had reacted strongly after municipality workers painted grey the famous “rainbow” steps, which had been orginally colored by a retired local “to put a smile on people’s faces.” “Take your brush and come,” became a call on social media websites, while thousands used the #resiststeps hashtag on Twitter and Facebook, becoming Twitter’s most trending topic.” – The Lede

“Speaking to Turkish television reporters after the stairs were painted over, Mr. Cetinel pointed out that all of nature — “cats, birds, flowers, mountains” — is brightly colored. “Where does this gray come from?” he asked. “Did we have another Pompeii and got flooded with ash?” – Daily News

“Diyarbakır Sanat Sokağı, Ankara Esat Caddesi’nde bulunan bir merdiven, İstanbul Kızıltoprak tren istasyonunun merdivenleri, Bakırköy’de bir merdiven, Ankara Konuk Sokak, Cihangir ve İzmir’de merdiven gökkuşağı renklerine boyandı.” – Baska Haber


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