26 beloved Street Art Photos -March 2012

On Facebook. March 2012 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Thanks to Fredo Reedoo for the photo! More in 3D.


This is some of the most beloved Street Art photos on our Facebook Page march 2012!
Click on a photo to (if you´re lucky) make it bigger or to post a comment on it.


On Facebook. In Hossegor Beaches Landes South West of France.

More info on Facebook.

On Facebook. In Bordeaux, France. Thanks to Nana for the photo!

On Facebook. In Iran by Icy And Sot. More by Icy and Sot.

More info on Facebook. In Egypt. Thanks to Salahedin Fahmy for the tip! Photo from: http://on.fb.me/x9XBrh

On Facebook. In Nolita, Manhattan, New York City. With JR (www.jr-art.net) and Liu Bolin.
Photo by New York Street Art: http://bit.ly/GAzGUB

On Facebook. In Valdivia, Chile. By Marianne Meier. In her own words: “With the help of nearly 50 women of the city. We knitt for a week in front of the river which crosses the city. Then i cover a front of the Museum of Contemporary Art. It was such a beautiful experience, collaborative work.” More Knitting Graffiti, Yarn Bombing and Guerilla Crochet.

On Facebook. In Almeria, Spain. By RPSendrawww.rpsendra.blogspot.com

On Facebook. By Pøbel (www.pobel.no) in Lofoten, Norway. Photo from Mariken.

On Facebook. In Iran by Icy And Sot. More by Icy and Sot.

On Facebook. Thanks to Pawe‚ Krzych for sending this photo!
In Szczecin, Poland.
Photo from www.szczecinblog.pl More Street Art in 3D.

On Facebook. In Iran by Icy And Sot. More by Icy and Sot.

On Facebook. By Matt Adnate in Sydney, Cockatoo Island. Thanks to Christel Keijzer for the photo!

On Facebook. More by Alice Pasquini.

On Facebook. Tarragona, Spain. Photo from Yolanda Carbajales Ferreiro.

On Facebook. In Berlin, Germany. Photo by: http://bit.ly/Hm2vGg
Other photo of it on SAU: http://on.fb.me/HwUWIF

On Facebook. In Andalucia, Spain. From Rachel Webb / Andalucia Explorer: http://bit.ly/H4FyHb

On Facebook. In Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia.
By Nikita Nomerz: http://bit.ly/GHgapG

On Facebook. By SmugOne: http://bit.ly/zhUzSa More by SmugOne.

On Facebook. More by Eduardo Relero.

On Facebook. In Iran by Icy And Sot. More by Icy and Sot.

On Facebook. More photos of it on Street Art Utopia. The Green Carpet! In Jaujac, France. Photo by David Monjou. Made fore the celebrate of the 10th year arts and nature trail programs by Gaëlle Villedary: http://on.fb.me/ACjC9T

On Facebook. In Paris, France. More by C215www.streetartutopia.com/?p=7074

On Facebook. Lace Fence by Demakersvan. More info: www.lacefence.com

On Facebook. From a Chalk Street Art Project of college students in the Philippines.


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