A painting removed led to color steps all over Turkey

On Facebook. On Facebook. yavaş yavaş türkiye’nin sokakları gökkuşağı rengine bürünüyor. sizce de böyle daha güzel değil mi? #direnmerdiven pic.twitter.com/tKJMIwVPsV — kerem tekinalp (@verbikerem) August 31, 2013 Ankaranın en küçük merdiveni bile rengarenk.! @direnankara pic.twitter.com/Dl8V6OJJ1f — özge (@ozgelu) September 1, 2013 Photos from and more info on: “Locals had reacted strongly after municipality workers painted [...]















7 beloved Street Art Photos - July 2013

This is some of the most beloved photos on our Facebook Page july 2013! Click on a photo to see it bigger. —————————————————————————————— On Facebook. By A’SHOP at Mural Festival in Montreal, Canada. Photo by Kris Murray. On Facebook. In Los Angeles, USA. By DALeast. On Facebook. On Facebook. By Hopare in Orsay, France. On Facebook. By SAINER from Etam Cru in Gdynia, Poland. Photo by FOT. ALKA MURAT. More. On [...]