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Free Hugs

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9 face-rocks on the streets – Kids Inspired by...

>>Aaaanyway...  All that to say, the kids were majorly inspired.  Now of course we...

15 beloved Street Art Photos – February 2014 –...

This is some of the most beloved photos on our Facebook Page February 2014 - March...


By Jorge Rdoríguez Gerada in Spain

On Facebook. By Jorge Rdoríguez Gerada in Spain. Photo by and more photos: http://bit.ly/p5O6a4

Street Art by Falko one in Garies, South Africa

By Falko one in Garies, South Africa.

Street Art by DALeast – In Paris, France

By DALeast in Paris, France. Photo by meuh1246.

By Fin DAC – In Fitzroy, Australia

Street Art by Fin DAC in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia Photo by Andrew.

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Street Art by JPS in Lower Franconia in Germany

By JPS in Lower Franconia in Germany.

By JPS – In Lohr am Main, Germany.

By JPS in Lohr am Main, Germany.

SASF: The Power of Colors – IVORY COAST

 Our friends in Street Art Sans Frontières sent us this heartwarming and inspiring video!...

The Dublin Red Squirrel – By Bordalo II in...

By Bordalo II in Dublin, Ireland. Photo by Trev Whelan.

E-scooter takeover by ad-busters Subvertising Norway

By  Subvertising Norway: "On Wednesday morning at 9 o'clock we (Subvertising Norway) picked up...

Trump, Kim and Borris – Street Art in Glasgow...

By The Rebel Bear. In Glasgow Scotland.