By Ernest Zacharevic – In Vilnius, Lithuania

On Facebook. In Vilnius, Lithuania by Ernest Zacharevic. Thanks to Gaboras Ileš for the photo!

Small Girl and small apple – By Oakoak

By Oakoak in France. On SAU: www.streetartutopia.com/?p=16694 By oakoak in France. Publicerat av STREET ART UTOPIA den 23...

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Street Art by Guashe – In Berlin, Germany

On Facebook. By Guashe in Berlin, Germany. Photo by brt vn krsavnd.

Felice Varini – A 2D Street Art master

By Felice Varini. Photos from the "wrong" angle: Video about 2D lines: [vimeo 16284399 w=640 h=500]


By Jorge Rdoríguez Gerada in Spain

On Facebook. By Jorge Rdoríguez Gerada in Spain. Photo by and more photos: http://bit.ly/p5O6a4

Street Art by Falko one in Garies, South Africa

By Falko one in Garies, South Africa.

Street Art by DALeast – In Paris, France

By DALeast in Paris, France. Photo by meuh1246.

By Fin DAC – In Fitzroy, Australia

Street Art by Fin DAC in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia Photo by Andrew.

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By William Amaro Costa in São Paulo, Brazil

On Facebook. By William Mophos in São Paulo, Brazil.

Street Art in Arrecife on Lanzarote in Spain

On Facebook. In Arrecife on Lanzarote in Spain. Photo by Joey Helms Photography.

Graffiti by Jace

On Facebook. By Jace.

By Jana & JS in Germany

On Facebook. In Germany by Jana & JS: Homepage/Facebook.

In New York, USA – By Icy And Sot

Coca Cola Molotows by Icy And Sot.

Collection of works by Isaac Cordal from 2013

Remembrances from nature. San Francisco, USA. Homeless. Anderletch, Belgium. Follow-the-leaders. San Jose, California, USA. American dream. San...