Street Art by Alice Pasquini – In Salerno, Italy

On Facebook. "Alfonso Gatto is one of the most important 20th century Italian poets and...

60 of the most beloved Street Art Photos –...

On Facebook. By Oakoak in Saint Etienne, France. ——————————————————– Welcome to 2014 years collection from Street Art Utopia on Facebook! Click...

Street Art in Valparaiso, Chile Jean-Baptiste

On Facebook. Photo by Jean-Baptiste Yunès. On Facebook. Thanks to Petter Heradstveit for the photo! In...

Street Art by Clet Abraham – In London, England

By Clet Abraham - In London, England. Photo by P3CKS57.

Breaking Bad – By Abys and Osmoz in Pompey,...

By Abys and Osmoz in Pompey, France. Photo by Leo Startape.


By Jorge Rdoríguez Gerada in Spain

On Facebook. By Jorge Rdoríguez Gerada in Spain. Photo by and more photos: http://bit.ly/p5O6a4

Street Art by Falko one in Garies, South Africa

By Falko one in Garies, South Africa.

Street Art by DALeast – In Paris, France

By DALeast in Paris, France. Photo by meuh1246.

By Fin DAC – In Fitzroy, Australia

Street Art by Fin DAC in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia Photo by Andrew.

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Street Art by L7m – In Sao Paulo, Brazil

On Facebook. By L7m In Sao Paulo, Brazil. More by L7m:  Street Art by L7m – A...

By Jim Vision – At Turville Street, London, England

On Facebook. By Jim Vision at Turville Street, London, England. Photo by Dutch Girl in London:...

All You Need Is Honey – By Tyler in...

On Facebook. By Tyler in Mumbai, India.

By Snub23 in Brighton, England

On Facebook. By Snub23 in Brighton, England. Photo by Southcoasting.

Graffiti by SimpleG

On Facebook. By SimpleG.

By Etiskvandalism – In Oslo, Norway

On Facebook. On Facebook. By Etiskvandalism in Oslo, Norway.