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A painting removed led to color steps all over Turkey

On Facebook. On Facebook. yavaş yavaş türkiye’nin sokakları gökkuşağı rengine bürünüyor. sizce de böyle daha güzel değil mi? #direnmerdiven pic.twitter.com/tKJMIwVPsV — kerem tekinalp (@verbikerem) August 31, 2013 Ankaranın en küçük merdiveni bile rengarenk.! @direnankara pic.twitter.com/Dl8V6OJJ1f — özge (@ozgelu) September 1, 2013 Photos from and more info on: “Locals had reacted strongly after municipality workers painted […]


A Collection of Colorful Stairs

On Facebook. By Strictly[dih-zahyn]ers in Beirut, Lebanon. Thanks to Jubran E. Elias for the photo. On Facebook. In Valparaiso, Chile. More Street Art from Chile. Photo by Jean-BaptisteYunis. On Facebook. In Beirut, Lebanon. By Dihzahyners Project. On Facebook. By Aileen Barr and Colette Crutcher in San Francisco, California, USA. Thanks to Benita Marquez for this photo! On Facebook. By Jorge Selarin in […]