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“STREET ART IN EXARCHIA” – Documentary from Greece

For a form of art so misunderstood as street art, it is only natural to find roof within a neighborhood equally – for many people- misunderstood. A lively area, constantly alerted and restless, mysterious and colorful. Exarchia, located in the centre of Athens. In this film we collect moments of […]

Hole Alert – Protect your tires

We invented in Brazil a signal in the ground that glows in the dark, to help cars to flee the holes of the day and night. Three days after the filming, all marked holes were covered by the City Government. – Rafael.

Soul for Sale – By Bosoletti in Bonito, Italy

“Mural inspired by a problematic of this area, where are speculating with the installation of oil wells, which would ruin the main activity of the place, agriculture, and endanger the environment because this is an earthquake zone.” By the Argentine artist Francisco Bosoletti in Bonito, Avellino, Italy. Project: BOCA / Bonito Contest Art. Photo by Salvatore […]

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106 of the most beloved Street Art Photos – Year 2013

More information here. ——————————————————– Hey and welcome to 2013 years collection from Street Art Utopia on Facebook! Click on a photo to read more about it, see it bigger and post a comment on it. ——————————————————– More information here. More information here. More information here. More information here. More information here. […]

World Cup 2014 in 22 photos – Anti-Fifa Graffiti Collection

On Facebook. On Facebook. By Paulo Ito: Flickr/Facebook. In Pompeia, São Paulo, Brazil. Comment on 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. By B.Shanti/A.Signl (Captain Borderline). Organized by Colorrevolution e.V. and Amnesty International Brazil. In the center of Rio de Jainero,Lapa,Rua da Relacao, right opposite of the headquarter of the policia civil. Dedicated to all […]