Street Art in Beijing, China

Street Art in Beijing, China - Sharks

On Facebook. In Beijing, China. Photo by Joseph Bancaud.

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  2. Well said Stephen, like the age old saying it�s never wise to have your eggs all in one basket. In regards to the new timeline layout on Facebook, I�m not an overly huge fan of it but I guess a big part is learning to adopt.

  3. I�m sorry, but I fail to see even a shred of concrete evidence that she plagerised at all here. And as for your ridiculous claim that her characters are the same as those from Harry Potter? How on earth can Harry be seen as similar to Alec in any way? And where Draco and Jace are concerned, I can�t see any similarity between the two. The tone of this piece started as quite fair, but your last paragraph, well, seems as though you may be a tad jealous perhaps?

  4. Awesome update. One thing about Photon. It is resizing the image to fit the blog post�s width. I resize larger images using CSS which I admit is a bad practice. Enabling photon ignores that setting crops the larger image and loads that in the blog post. I assume this is by design?

  5. I�m guessing this new format is really going to push orgs to rethink their Facebook strategy. As someone who started with Twitter and moved to Facebook later this somehow feels much more natural for me.

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