Breaking Bad – By Abys and Osmoz in Pompey, France

Breaking Bad - Graffiti by Abys and Osmoz in Pompey, France

By Abys and Osmoz in Pompey, France. Photo by Leo Startape.

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  1. Buddy, have you ever tried to use Google before you say something stupid? 🙂 Pompey is in France. Get to know you country. 😀 And yes, Pompei are in Italy. See the difference?

  2. The whole thing was purely constructed for the half measures punch line, nothing is truly original anymore, and pop culture will always inspire more than one person – it’s intrinsic to it being popular!

  3. someone else did it first, and on a bigger scale, and it rather seems like these guys have plagiarised their concept but only in a half measure – rather ironic really.

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