Street Art by Fauxreel in Toronto, Canada

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  2. Real achievement. Real craft. Real savant pursuits.

    What follows is perhaps a bit off topic, and much depressing.

    Yet it makes me at the same time very sad… for there were starts of such talents in my home city of Helsinki… but as of now, during the last 20 years, the local adminstration and their most uncritical supporters broke them all. (One genuine craft person is still at large, but removed to indoors spaces instead). For each piece of art, the sentence was, and is, lifetime of debts. They were all either wiped away and artist forced to pay, or painted over with apparently purposefully clumsiest (but favored) official “art students” available. Surveillance Cameras are everywhere. Sentence for documenting, photographing and distributing the street arts is the same as for doing them… as the person who many years ago made a photographic book about them. This is called “stop töhryille” ( = “stop the smudges” ) and it is crushingly disgusting thing to see wealthy and favorited local people with loud pride, to defend this policy, and posture as defenders of legality and proper “contemporary gallery arts”.

    Since all the free public social spaces buildings burned in 2006, there has been no alternatives for for halls of extremely drunkenness (and I do not mean pubs, I mean really really drunkenness) with some contemporary fashionable posters to make them look like clubs or pubs from outside and for causal passer by:s, Extremely expensive cafés with cctv cameras filming all the visitors, and faith based religious organized halls.

    Cars, noise, pollution are everywhere… craft is nowhere.

    This city itself, outside, does not have the feel of free society of freely thinking and expressing humans anymore. If there is a some life necessary reason why this has been done, and submitted into… I sure have not heard of such told to us… perhaps I am slow of mind, or lacking in perceptivity, but I have not been able to notice nor deduce such neccessiating reason to snub genuine freely growing human spirit with it’s visible expressions on walls, streets, houses, peoples themselves, on my own either.

    If there is no free street arts, it is not a society of free self determining feeling thinking humans, but a institution for tools called “human resources”.

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